How much does it cost parents to use Sparkles?  Sparkles services are free to all our families, we just ask for your help where possible in raising funds for the charity.

When should we aim to start Sparkles? Generally when your child can sit unaided and/or is able to concentrate for 30 minutes or so at one time. This is often from around 10 months, but each child is different and children will be placed in groups according to ability not age.

What if my child is too young to start? If your child is too young to start Sparkles, but you want to meet other parents in a relaxed and informal environment, then contact us for more information about This Way Up! the new support group for parents where our children can play together while you catch up over coffee.

How do I secure a place for my child with Sparkles? In the first instance please contact us and we’ll be straight back in touch to guide you through the process.

Are places always available?
 We try to accommodate all children of the right age who would like to be part of Sparkles. We occasionally have a short waiting list.

Where are the therapy sessions held? Speech and language therapy sessions are held in children’s centres in High Wycombe and Aylesbury, with occupational and physiotherapy sessions held in private clinics in High Wycombe.

Do I stay with my child during the sessions? Yes, all children must be accompanied by their parent or carer.

Are the sessions one-to-one with the therapist? Speech and language is group based therapy with a maximum of 3 children per group; occupational and physiotherapy sessions are private sessions with one child and parent/carer only.

How often are sessions held?

  • Speech and language therapy sessions – weekly in school term time
  • Occupational therapy – one session per school term
  • Physiotherapy – one session per term for non-walking children, and then one session per term for walkers

When does Sparkles support finish? When your child starts full-time primary education, i.e. reception year, the speech and language support finishes, however the physiotherapy and occupational therapy continues until your child starts in Year 1.

Am I expected to fundraise? All parents of children attending Sparkles become members of the charity and are encouraged to promote awareness of Sparkles and assist with fundraising. Sparkles requires around £40,000 annually to continue running at the current capacity, and there are more children wishing to join all the time. Take a look at some our past fundraising activities.

How is Sparkles managed? We have a management committee with 4 officer positions – chair, co-chair, treasurer and secretary.  Meetings are held 3 times a year and all parents are asked to support the meetings whenever they are able to. We also have a board of Trustees.

Will my child continue to receive state funded therapy if we join Sparkles? Attendance at Sparkles does not affect your rights or access to NHS therapies. Our therapists have good relationships with the NHS therapists in the area and aim to provide a service which enhances and compliments that which is provided by the NHS.

I’d like to make a donation to Sparkles, how do I go about it? We appreciate and are very grateful for all fundraising efforts or donations on behalf of Sparkles! Find out how you can help.