“I wanted to drop a note on this as our daughter has been seeing Mel since a couple of weeks before Christmas, she has glue ear and we have had a long term battle over getting her bone conductor hearing aids.  We have been so worried about her speech because of this and so when we got accepted for sparkles we had a glimmer of hope.  Mel is great and to find a charity exclusively for Down’s syndrome children was amazing.  And the most important bit this week Olive has said her first word!!  She continually is saying more when she wants something. Thanks to everyone at Sparkles Olive will have the best chance to speak as fluently as she can.  We can’t thank you enough.”  Gareth, Sparkles parent

“Sparkles has provided a constant source of support for our daughter through brilliant specialist speech therapy and a network of friends who will stay with us for years to come.” Andrea, Sparkles parent

“Sparkles is a fabulous charity that we were lucky enough to benefit from when we moved to Bucks from London in 2012.  The speech therapy and then later the Physio has been invaluable to our daughters support plan and she has thrived from her weekly sessions. As Sparkles is a parent led charity it was fantastic to meet parents in the same position as us and help towards the fund raising that Sparkles need to continue with its fantastic work. We were very lucky to have such a wonderful charity on our doorstep.”  Gabrielle, Sparkles parent

“Sparkles has changed our daughter’s life. She receives so much support through the therapies provided by Sparkles. Her development has far exceeded our expectations. The support and information from Sparkles parents is also invaluable. Thank you everyone at Sparkles.”  Gabby, Sparkles parent

“There is no doubt that it was meeting other families that knew exactly how we were feeling, that made a massive difference to us.  We didn’t have to ‘explain’ – they just knew, and very gently and kindly helped us through that first, at times, overwhelming year.  Sparkles is not just about speech therapy; it is also about friends, shared experience & emotional support – a safe, comforting space where I could just be, no questions asked, with my little baby boy.”  Aisling, Sparkles parent

“When Isobel was born all the professionals told us that early intervention was paramount if she was to reach her potential.  To be able to communicate like her brother, Isobel was going to need specialist support right from the beginning.  With NHS resources so woefully stretched, Sparkles came into our lives. With their support, Isobel has regular speech and language therapy with an expert, trained in her specific needs.  Without Sparkles Isobel simply would not be getting the input she needs in order to learn to communicate.  We know we’re on the right path when we get a smile of recognition to a word or an attempt at ‘talking’ back to her big brother.  Our hearts fill with excitement at her progress. It’s going to be a challenging journey, both practically and emotionally, but with Sparkles supporting Isobel in these early years, we’re giving Isobel the chance she deserves to be able to communicate with the world.”  Selena, Sparkles parent

“Sparkles is amazing! It has given Christopher the early intervention he needs and has enabled him to talk with us using sign and an ever growing number of words. Being part of Sparkles has also been a great support for us all and we have made lots of new friends along the way.”  Tanya, Sparkles parent