Sparkles are working with a team of experienced occupational therapists who are highly skilled in the assessment and treatment of children with learning, behavioural and developmental difficulties.

We offer 3 occupational therapy sessions each year. The sessions are 45 minutes long, one-to-one with you and your child, and based in a brilliantly equipped clinic in High Wycombe.

The sessions address issues relating to gross and fine motor skills, visual perception, handwriting, self-care (i.e. dressing, using cutlery, toileting etc.) and sensory integration.

Sensory integration

Children with Down’s syndrome can often experience sensitivity to certain food textures, sounds, bright lights and unfamiliar situations, resulting in distress and behavioural issues.

Sensory integration is a form of occupational therapy that helps address these and other types of sensory processing issues. Special exercises are used to strengthen your child’s sense of touch (tactile), sense of balance (vestibular), and sense of where their body and its parts are in space (proprioceptive).

This therapy is currently not offered by the NHS.

The sessions give you as a parent/carer a greater understanding of your child’s sensory processing and provide strategies to limit negative impact on their development and day-to-day life.